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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a world of luxury and dish out the experience so our clients could enjoy a luxury and pleasurable lifestyle. Through trading our luxury products and services, we lead our customers into a pleasant experience filled with opulent comfort and happiness, paving a way and honing a competitive environment for our employees to excel in providing a quality service.

capital Luxury

Why Choose Us?

Each of the company’s subsidiaries is led by team
members who have in-depth brand knowledge and also
share the same vision. The team’s passions and
enthusiasms inculcate our clients or customers with a
high level of satisfaction.

Capital luxury Global Resources is a multifaceted and prestige company with a commitment to provide unlimited luxury products and services. As a global luxury group, our innovative and creative energy brings luxury into everything we do. Because we’re luxury experts, we’ve built bridges connecting us with the world’s best luxury brands and professionals to better serve our customers. Our projection has redefined luxury in our own words and style so we can make a big difference. Whether you’re looking for luxury in Automobiles, Hotels, Entertainment, Transportation, Real Estate or foods for your everyday living, Capital Luxury has made a commitment to keep you living in the lap of luxury.

Capital Luxury, since founded on September 26th, 2015, continually invested in building new terminals, showrooms, motels, hotels, and many more luxury facilities across the country, and globally to further enhance its clients’ luxury experience. The new terminal plus showroom in Uyo is under construction and expected to commence service as soon as it’s completed

When this project comes to completion, the new Terminal will enable Capital Luxury  to showcase all its luxury services to customers  all over the world. Our architecturally iconic buildings in the heart of the State Capital, Uyo, offer tech-immersive elements and luxurious customer-centric features that transform the luxury retail experience. These buildings consist of an automotive showroom, bus terminals, restaurants, bar/lounge, car wash, car service, auto spare parts, and a soundproof DJ studio. Our massive showroom in the United States has the capacity to display over one hundred fleets of exotic and American made Luxury cars. Locally, our car lot is one of the biggest in the country, with a parking capacity of two hundred and fifty cars, located at Lekki, near Victoria Garden city Lagos State.